World Heart of Connection Day

The World Heart of Connection Day ~ September 4, 2019

Connecting together Heart to Heart to give healing love to ourselves, each other and Mother Earth’

Our Why:

The World Heart of Connection Day has evolved from ‘Heart of Connection’ podcast conversations had with everyday people on how they connect to themselves, others and ‘All That Is.’ As conversations flowed into how they experience their connection to the ‘universe and everything,’ there was a profound energetic shift into a deep and powerful love. So profound were some of these revelations it was beyond words and love radiated at a cellular level. It radiated as if the God, Goddess, Universe, Sun, Moon, Ocean and Spirituality of the person were emanating from their very soul-consciousness.

The loving space that people shared in their conversations was filled with gratitude, compassion and loving-kindness. It facilitated and emulated a similar connection to the global empathy experienced following the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami, where we woke to a world consumed with compassion for the victims and communities affected.

This prompted the question, how would Mother Earth respond to a world-wide outpouring of loving compassion and connectedness?  The energy and response to this question opened our hearts and minds to the concept of The World Heart of Connection Day.

The power and energy of the love expressed in times of tragedy suggests that when we collectively come together from our Hearts there is significant healing potential.  Mother Earth is now in such desperate need of this loving energy from all of us and as we consciously direct these energies toward our greatest resource perhaps these efforts might heal the damage we have inflicted upon her.  Could it be that we have inflicted and projected our suffering onto her? ‘Heal thyself ~ Heal Mother Earth’.

The World Heart of Connection Day is to bring people together within their communities at a synchronised time to meditate and to radiate the divine essence of our shared devotion, to blanket Mother Earth in our healing love.

The Event:

Through tragic events, the World connects, with compassion for humanity and our planet.

World Heart of Connection Day is about bringing that same sense of compassion and humanity by uniting at a synchronised time, to meditate and radiate love and blanket Mother Earth with collective healing.

If you are unable to make it to the Geelong event; you can create space in your local community, among your friends and workplaces – or in your personal heart space, to contribute to the energies of the day. Together we can make a difference.

For those local to Geelong (Victoria, Australia)
12.30pm – 1.30pm on the Bunya Lawn area at the Geelong Botanical Gardens. It is essential to arrive on time (12.30pm) as there will be a sequence of performances, a meditation and guidance for the hour.
Together we can make a difference.
• 11 Minute Guided Meditation
• Crystal Sound Bowls / Sound Healing
• Special Guest MC Roxie Bennett
• Live Music



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