WOW! So much gratitude to you for visiting this page to learn more about how you can help us grow! Thank you…

There are various ways you can donate…

Donate your time. Together we can make a difference!

So much time and effort goes into our events, podcasts and it’s all funded by our generous committee members, lead by Mark Randall.

If you offer a service that is in alignment with our mission, or you simply want to offer your time, please contact us 🙂

Donat dollars. Every dollar counts, this is how…

Our hope is that we can raising funds to keep our passion project alive and thriving into the coming years, across every country in the world. Yes we are aiming big but our mission is HUUUUUGE!

If you believe in our mission and feel inclined to contribute financially, please do so via our Go Fund Me link

Or please contact us 🙂

Blessings and huge gratitude! xx