Therapy & Healing Reconnection Centre

We all may carry many hurts in our hearts and we naturally learn in growing up, to close our hearts down to protect ourselves.  We can all be very vulnerable to another, especially when we open our hearts to them.  We establish personality traits and behavioural patterns to protect our hearts, which act as walls.  It serves to protect us and keep us safe.  In doing so, we use energy to maintain our protection and in doing so, do not fully connect to ourselves or others.  This may especially be so, in our intimate relationships.

As we become more aware, we may recognise that some of our protective patterns, beliefs, mindsets and attitudes may cause us internal grief and pain and also to our loved one.  We may experience our energy is drained and we feel disconnected to self, others and the world around us.  We may begin to notice how our connections triggers old patterns and hurt we’ve buried in our subconscious ‘rabbit holes’ – wishing they would just go away.

The process of change is not always easy and we need support, care and guidance along the journey.   Connecting to ourselves and opening our hearts is a deep gift albeit painful as we heal our hurts.  In my therapy and inner journey healing work, people are gently encouraged to deepen and open up their hearts.  This is healing our wounds and giving them the loving-kindness they needed back then!

As we do, our hearts and minds open to listen and action what our deepest essence is guiding us to do, lovingly connect to ourselves – our empowered change.  It facilitates deeper connections within ourselves and to our loved ones.  This deep connection to self, connects us to our innate energy flow of our deepest worth.  It enriches our well-being at all realms of our psyche: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually ~ Namaste

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